Leaving The Lights On

Now I know what you’re thinking - it’s nearly mid January, but things have been a bit different this year.... Every year there is this huge debate on when is…

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Meet the team

With our new team member Ashton joining the idesign family we had a Q&A with Shannon to get to know one another. An open discussion about creativity, family, feelings on…

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Interior Wellness at the Heart of Our Designs

The dictionary defines wellbeing as – a state characterized by health, happiness and prosperity. Can interior design influence wellbeing? It can contribute to preserving and improving our physical and mental…

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Work & family balance in lockdown

So idesign’s blog posts are normally about our current projects or trends happening within the interior sector. We have all felt the ramifications of COVID-19 within our personal life and…

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Colour in the Classroom

Colour in the Classroom
Colourful innovative classroom furniture at Vittra Telefonplan, Sweden

Colour is an important consideration in all areas of design, probably one of the most obvious is in product design and marketing. The packaging of objects or food carefully considers…

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Introducing our Junior Designer Shannon

Like many others before me and many more to come, my university journey has been a life-changing experience. Providing me with my first opportunity of freedom and independence, I found…

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