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Can we ever get workplace design right

Do you sit and squint at the bright strip lighting in your office? Is the aircon either blowing an arctic gale or pumping out the sahara desert heat or do you sit and stare at a wall without even a glimpse of a view? I bet you’re sat nodding and smiling as you’re reading this as I know we’ve all been there!

Ultimately it’s a fine balance in getting it right, but I do believe that there’s always a compromise and providing options certainly helps keep the equilibrium of the office. Comfort is key – adjustable lighting

How do you want your visitors to feel? You want them to experience the WOW factor as soon as they walk through your door. Invite them to sit on the world’s most comfortable sofa and soak up the relaxed, sociable atmosphere and amazing decor. All these elements will get creative juices flowing, or create a sense of belonging. Visitors will want to work for you, with you or more importantly buy from you.

For staff, the needs are different – the right environment to work is as important as the work itself. To achieve this we recommend:

● The correct lux levels – over 500 lumens

● Sympathetic lighting levels depending on the working area

● Comfortable furniture

● A sense of ownership to the space they work in

So from lighting to furniture, space to comfort levels, these are the key principles we look at when designing office space. These all flow into the accessibility, social engagement, flexibility and productivity that a space all needs to provide


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