Colour in the Classroom

Colour in the Classroom
Colourful innovative classroom furniture at Vittra Telefonplan, Sweden

Colour is an important consideration in all areas of design, probably one of the most obvious is in product design and marketing. The packaging of objects or food carefully considers…

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IT & Interior Design

Beautifully designed office - check Social and interactive space - check But what about technology? Should this really be an afterthought once the design is complete? Absolutely not! In this…

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Unique Restaurant Designs

TASTY INTERIORS – top tips for restaurateurs on how to create the perfect design Make your interiors as much about an experience as your food  You know that feeling when…

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Our Grand Designs Project

As interior designers who love a challenge we are thrilled to have been brought on board to one of Devon’s most exciting new architectural designs – a project that, excitingly,…

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