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Office Design Trends for 2018

Office Design Trends In 2018

Office design is one of the most challenging and dynamic areas of interior work – it needs to facilitate work and collaboration but also encourage employees to be productive, inspired and creative. The way businesses function is drastically changing right now and office design trends need to innovate with them, reflecting and inspiring company ethos. There are some exciting office design trends emerging in 2018 – here is a sneak peek at our forecast:

Versatile workspaces

Inspired by the millennials’ penchant for collaborative work environments and open plans, versatile workspaces are growing in popularity. They are often vibrant, comfortable and colourful office designs which reflect a way of living just as much as a work environment. Think sofas, bean bags, plants, yoga mats, and bright white hues with pops of colour. These versatile workspaces are multi-purpose and dynamic, often open plan with furniture and dividers to structure a space instead of insular rooms.

Biophilic design

This eco-centred office design trend will be at the forefront in 2018. Nowadays, so much of our working population spends the majority of their time indoors. Biophilic design seeks to promote well-being by reconnecting working spaces with nature and the outdoors. Growing in popularity with both architects and designers, this concept is about much more than just bringing plants into the office; it inspires architectural form that incorporates textures, patterns and design elements from the environment into the physical structure of the workplace. Glaze walls where possible to bring the outside in or alternatively, a living wall adds a warmth and texture to any office.

Industrial concrete

Sprouting from the growing popularity of industrial office design, concrete is likely to be key in the office design trends we’ll see in 2018. Concrete floors, countertops and even walls will be found in office spaces, in a manner that is both minimalist and intricately designed. This could come in the form of concrete that is painted or inlaid with wood. Concrete is practical, durable and versatile but it also exudes a clean and minimalist aesthetic that is inspiring for both employees and clients.