Innovative Education Interior Design

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At idesign we have recognised the growing need for change in the way that we are thinking about and designing our educational spaces. Whilst traditional classroom furniture has remained somewhat unchanged, teaching professionals have continued adapting their practice, introducing new pedagogical methods.

Row upon row of desks has been the classroom aesthetic for many years, but is no longer matching the development or needs of current schooling. In response to this, idesign has developed an innovative range of education furniture for the classroom to better suit the changing needs of modern teaching and learning. Whilst providing an effective space for learning, the classroom is an environment that encourages growth beyond academic achievement, such as social development and emotional maturing.

Our iwell education furniture has been developed with these objectives in mind, to improve student focus, engagement, and collaboration amongst pupils.

We have identified four core learning types where our furniture has been designed around

  • Presenting Information
  • Individual / Smaller ratio study – 1:1
  • Task-orientated study
  • Discussion

Our core principles with wellbeing at the heart:

  • Importance of establishing a school culture that values students as individuals.
  • Creating a more inclusive classroom environment, by tailoring our designs to respect the needs of each student
  • Flexible layouts which allow for movement and creativity around the classroom
  • Rethinking corridor use, which instead of acting as highways dead ends, become break out and discussion spaces
  • Good natural lighting which is the correct temperature and intensity for the task at hand
  • Consultation with external consultants to help establish the correct thermal and acoustic conditions for the classroom
  • Use of plants to express the natural environment and are set to reduce pollutants in the air
  • Curated use of colour to create creativity within the classroom
Innovative Education Interior Design
Innovative Education Interior Design

Our Innovative education design services are offered in a number of different ways, whether you are an institution in need of refurbishment or a brand new school being built:

  1. Interior Wellbeing Strategy Plan to establish how improvements can be made to enhance the education environment
  2. Purchase and installation of our iwell education products with an easy to use layout design on where best to locate the items. Each furniture piece allows a number of customization options to make them unique in style.
  3. Tailored interior design service to help with a wider selection of flooring, decoration and furniture selection.

We have also designed a number of layouts and desking based on social distancing on our Tri-desk range