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Introducing our Junior Designer Shannon

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Like many others before me and many more to come, my university journey has been a life-changing experience. Providing me with my first opportunity of freedom and independence, I found it to be challenging yet highly rewarding. The workload was tough, and managing my time was sometimes hard, trying to get the balance between a social life and education. But, the qualification earned from this gave me an incredible achievement, with the whole experience providing me with a number of transferable skills and my friends and memories created will stay with me forever.

Coming to the end of my three-year university course I had mixed feelings of sadness and uncertainty combined with the huge feeling of excitement as to what the next chapter of my life might bring. With my final semester approaching, I began preparation for my future, participating in the Graduate Show at my University followed by New Designers at the Business Design Centre in London. It was at the Graduate show where I first met Roxan, presenting my final major project to her; a concept looking at how we can redesign educational spaces to deter bullying behavior. Conversation flowed easily, with us sharing similar design philosophies regarding our designs being used as a tool not just to create aesthetically beautiful spaces, but to be able to solve bigger behavior and sociological issues affected by space. Little did I know at the time, but the success of this initial interaction with Roxan would lead me to the next chapter in my life.

Before I knew it, University was over and I was a professional designer taking on my first official role as a junior interior designer at idesign with Roxan. Despite studying spatial and interior design for the past three years, and equipped with good grades and a tested knowledge of design software, none of this truly prepared me for what working in a design role would entail. In my first week I barely set foot in the office. Instead, I spent my time visiting and measuring up a selection of sites. I quickly discovered that even with being a qualified designer the learning experience was not over, in fact it was just beginning.

Each day is different at idesign; one day may be full of client meetings and site visits, whilst the next may be full of picking fabrics and rendering 3D realistic images of designs, something which I have really grown to love. Working at idesign is exciting, it provides me with endless learning opportunities and a great feeling of satisfaction when I get to see my projects become real spaces. Having been here for a few months now I’m looking forward to seeing what will come next. Already I have learnt a lot about the industry and working with idesign has allowed me the freedom and space to evolve into the interior designer I want to become. I am excited most about continuing to find my feet and refine myself as an interior designer, and for my future at idesign!