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Interior Wellness at the Heart of Our Designs

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The dictionary defines wellbeing as – a state characterized by health, happiness and prosperity.

Can interior design influence wellbeing? It can contribute to preserving and improving our physical and mental health. Our key concept at idesign is by using a holistic design approach which puts the user’s needs and habitation at the heart of the space.

The following principles we apply to our iwell interior design concepts:


Exposure to nature decreases anxiety and increases memory. Using natural materials like wood are thought to lower heart rate and reduce stress. It is also a tactile surface which evokes memory of walks in the forest or when we as humans used to inhabit structures made from raw materials. Where we can we use materials that do not contain pollutants through manufacture or are from a sustainable source. This is also a key factor in our design principles.  Natural or artificial planting is also a fundamental part of adding stimulus to a space through the Biophillic concept as nature inspires health and happiness!


Birch trees


Natural light supplies our bodies with vitamin D which helps lift our moods and raises our wellbeing and improves certain conditions such as anxiety and depression. Our function and activity is very much influenced by light, we are awake during the day and sleep at night when it is dark. This is called our circadian cycle and is the basis of our overall health. From our indoor environment we need good access to windows that allow natural daylight in and help establish our daily routine.  Artificial lighting should be set at the correct colour temperature and intensity of light needed to undertake certain tasks. We need a mixture of bright activity lighting and atmospheric lighting based on the Human Centric Lighting principles.

Ergonomics and Movement

Ergonomics refer to the positions we assume while we sit, stand or lay down. Interior design can help us to assume healthy positions in the form of the correct furniture selection for the right environment. The design of bespoke innovative furniture can create function and comfort within spaces which can limit the physical stress of the user. In terms of creating a flexible layout design this can be used to invite people to move around the space, being an interactive part of their chosen environment.

Interior wellbeing
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Thermal and Acoustic Comfort

A space that is too hot or cold can affect our mood and productivity. This is a very personal aspect as we all feel thermal comfort in our own way. In a setting where there are many people’s needs in one space good clean ventilation is key to reduce level of pollutants in the air and make it a safer clean environment to be in. Ensuring the best possible acoustic comfort in a space goes all the way from avoiding unpleasant echoes to creating silent areas where needed.


Wellness comes from deep within, our mental and physical health are inextricably linked. Exercise increases the release of serotonin which can elevate mood and regulate a good sleep cycle, helping to ease stress and anxiety. The mind plays a vital role in an individuals overall health and wellbeing, so an atmosphere that supports a healthy mental state can have significant impact and benefits for wellbeing. Idesign aim to create spaces which are fit for purpose and offer the users space options – areas to relax and reflect, areas to share and  take part in group discussions or even places where one can be active.

This forms the back bone to our wellbeing principles. The projects which we undertake and innovative furniture we design are at the heart of the iwell brand.

Contact us today and we will undertake a Wellbeing Strategy for your space.

Initial 1 hour overview assessments will be free of charge.

Interior wellbeing
Interior wellbeing