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Is a work-place a social space

There’s no denying we as a species are sociable creatures, which is why many of us choose to work with other people, freelancers are a prime example with their use coffee shops or shared working spaces to experience social interaction.

Creating the ideal social setting in a workspace for me is quite high on the agenda, is this something that you can relate to? If you’re on the fence about this one, keep reading and see if your perception changes.

Why are social areas in offices important?

● Breaks down barriers between staff members, creates a sense of place as we spend more time with our colleagues than we do with our families

● Makes staff take a break which will increase productivity

● Providing and promoting healthy eating will encourage staff to be more engaged with their working activity

● Allows a social hub in the centre of the office, helping staffs wellbeing

Google has become somewhat synonymous when it comes to alternative office design. Each workspace at the internet giant is designed to stimulate creativity and ultimately encourage social interaction with employees from different teams and specialisms. The philosophy that “life at Google is not all work” contributes to this culture and its unconventional workspace design. Everything from the paint they use to the ‘out there’ features of climbing walls, revolving bookcases and yes THAT slide have all been chosen to challenge and stimulate social interaction and engagement. Google’s main focus is on it’s employees rather than the results themselves, which I think is spot on!