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Winslade Park Office & Hospitality Design

Starting the new decade in the best way possible we are delighted to announce that we have recently been commissioned by premium developers Burrington Estate to help with the redesign of the breathtaking Windslade Park.

This new sensitive redevelopment will focus on community and wellness, along with a focus on sustainability. It will create outstanding new office spaces and leisure facilities along with a collection of new homes. We have been tasked specifically with the design and conversion of the existing Manor and House into the new luxurious office spaces.

Both the existing Manor and House were developed in the 1970s, but there are aspects of the buildings which have become dated and hide the rich features both of these buildings possess; such as large column power towers throughout the floor and spotlights that have covered amazing ceiling features. With Winslade Manor being a Grade 2* listed building we, of course, understand that whilst we will be sympathetically removing certain features, we will be doing so by carefully designing the next steps in order to celebrate and preserve as many of the original features as possible.

For the Manor, we envision creating luxury serviced offices that will be available to let, with space for a bar, lounge and concierge. Our design will primarily focus on adding to the already spectacular features of the Manor, ensuring the 18th-century triple-height atrium with its grand glass dome achieves maximum impact.

 In order for the Manor to get power to the desks, we plan on using discreet brass floor boxes and for additional lighting to be suspended from wires, in order to add direct light and a modern twist to the office space. In addition, our colour scheme will be pulled from the atrium which is to remain for historic merit and we will use this colour palette in the adjoining rooms

Winslade Manor Bar
Winslade Manor Concierge

 However, for Winslade House, we aim to use a more paired back look, using a neutral palette with bursts of drama to add impact as soon as you walk through the door. We plan to do this by using natural materials, such as timber infused with marble to really add a modern punch. We will also add floating lights that will hang above a space made for luxury seating and a highly-polished reception desk to greet visitors.

 “As such a major redevelopment in the area, we are delighted to be working on the Winslade Park project and the whole team are very excited to see the plans come to life. With a commitment to providing a tailored approach to every project, it is an exciting one to work alongside Burrington Estates on and we can’t wait to share more news over the coming months.” Roxan, Managing Director at idesign.  

 We’ll be sharing updates on this project along with our designs across our social media over the next few months so be sure to follow so you can see this fantastic project come to life. 

Winslade Meeting Room
Winslade House