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Design Ideas For A Small Bathroom Space

Small spaces may, at first, appear to be frustratingly limiting. With careful, expert consideration, however, the problem starts to offer a challenging and exciting opportunity for creativity, allowing for the highest quality of design. After all, it’s through being challenged that designers devise their finest solutions!

Here at idesign we believe that with the right vision, together with careful planning, you can get the most out of any sized bathroom – and here are just a few of the things we think are worth thinking about!

As always, small spaces bring with them the risk of being very dark, which only serves to make the space feel even smaller! Here at idesign we always help clients to maximise the light to give the feeling of space in an illusionary and uplifting way.

One way of doing this, is, of course, through the effective use of mirrors. idesign gives careful consideration to the size and placement of mirrors so that their effect is fully optimised, and we think about the ways they relate with other elements of the design. It’s important that mirrors complement the design, to give a feel of harmony around the room so that it feels much more of a whole space, rather than a series of incoherent sub-spaces. In turn, this helps it to feel much less constrained and allows it to breathe!

In particular, the way a design can be made so that mirrors work together with the lighting scheme is crucial. Here at idesign, we love to give our bathroom mirrors a halo effect, which offers a flattering light and creates a beautiful glow in the room. This kind of attention makes all the difference!

Compromise on a bath might be necessary, but this need not detract from the quality of the facilities in the room, and, in the place of a bath, a luxurious walk-in shower might be just the thing! Wet rooms have all sorts of dated connotations attached to them, however today’s designers use them expertly to create neat, sleek solutions that look wonderfully seamless and contain all the water coming from a shower!

Walk-in showers also allow for the continuation of surfaces across whole walls and floors, giving the feel of one large space, rather than a collection of small ones. Again, this helps the whole room to feel much more spacious whilst at the same time making the most of the intimacy provided by its small dimensions!

The idea of giving the floor a continuous feel is also achieved through the use of bespokely fitted units that are lifted off the ground, such as floating vanity units and under-the-sink shelves. This allows the floor space to appear clutter-free and to expand across the whole area to make the room feel bigger. The units give an uplifting feel and create the illusion of space. They look tidy and sleek, whilst at the same time providing ample storage for all those things like toothbrushes, toiletries and loo paper!

Similarly, expansive tiles, with grout in a colour that is similar to the colour of the tiles, minimises the number of sight lines cutting through the space, helping it to feel clear, and allowing the space to stretch out!

No bathroom is too small for beautiful interior design, and we’re always delighted to help no matter what the challenge! Please do not hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, keep an eye out for more tips from idesign on our blog!