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Designing Flexible Office Space

Creating a flexible working environment for workers is something we’re hearing more and more
about at idesign. There’s a huge appetite for work space that can offer the occupier the chance
to diversify how their current space is used. In this blog I’ll be sharing the various ways we can
help owners and occupiers of offices create productive, inspiring and creative work spaces.

Say goodbye to strip lighting, rows of desks with high divides and coarse carpet tiles, and hello
to open plan spaces, creative zones and pockets of different spaces that can be used in so
many different ways (to coin someone else’s phrase, the possibilities are quite literally endless).
As I stand here in one of our newly designed offices, I’d like to take you on a journey along our
creative thought process:

The brief; to create a unique office design and working environment set on enhancing staff
wellbeing and to reflect the nature of the organisation’s work.

The client; AHSN, an innovative company leading the way in organising the development of
healthcare initiatives, innovation, and teamwork in fruitful and productive ways.

What immediately jumped out at me is that AHSN is a kind of garden and its workers are the
bees in it ! Inspired by this trail of thought the design developed with a fresh botanical feel as you
can see from the pictures below.

This design zoned the office space into areas using bespoke seating pods, screens, high level
desk areas and acoustic pods to create flexible working conditions for the staff. A central cafe
acts as a hub and gateway to the amphitheatre. Encouraging the social side of office space.
More about this later on!

People like to inhabit space as they see fit, we all like to use space in our own unique ways.
When I’m at work I like to walk around when on the phone, I find this changes the way I talk to
people, providing me with confidence and strength. On the flip side to this I like my own zone for
designing, this allows me the mental and physical space to be creative and explore ideas.

The more people feel comfortable in the workplace, the more productive they’re likely to be.
Offering an assortment of different ways people can work gives them the choice and ownership
to their space.