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Glam Interior Bar Design

Here at idesign, we feel very blessed to have been involved in the iconic project of designing the new Lloyd’s Lounge! Our journey began back in 2014 when I met Lloyd of the award-winning ‘Lloyd’s Kitchen’ and his father Paul.  They had a vision for a restaurant within a glass box set upon a raised platform within Catherine’s square, and tasked iDesign with bringing this space to life through interior bar design.

From the initial concept to the present day, we have overcome some of the biggest design hurdles ever encountered during our 24 years in the industry. The super structure we initially envisioned was unachievable due to planning restrictions, leading us to create an intimate space for 60 people. While this was initially a drawback, in mind of the sheer volume of cavernous restaurants and bars popping up in Exeter, this cosy space will instead be of great benefit to Lloyd’s Lounge.

With so many industrial style restaurants on offer, we felt it was important to try something different. Consequently, we offered the client four concept visuals: Scandi, Urban Luxe, Classic and Glam. As the ‘Lloyd’s Kitchen’ family are avid travellers to Dubai and Marbella, Glam was the obvious choice. Many of the design elements we incorporated, such as the backlit white ama bar, would be just as at home in a luxurious hotel in Dubai. We added colours of aqua velvet and matt gold to imbue the interiors with an on-trend, luxurious aesthetic. The curved banquet seating adds an exciting dynamic to the space, while the white ama table tops tie in nicely with the backlit bar. A quilted fabric wall not only solved acoustic issues but has created a stunning alternative to a painted wall.

Lighting is key to the interior bar design as this day-to-night venue needs to change personality from a laid-back eatery and artisan coffee lounge by daylight to an atmospheric cocktail bar and dining venue by night. We have pools of lighting offering subtle illumination during the day and in the evening, tables will have romantic candlelight and the comforting glow of the central bar. However, the showstoppers within the Lloyd Lounge are, without doubt, the stunning selection of Moooi Raimond lights; to truly appreciate these, you’ll have to come and see them for yourself!

Lloyd’s Lounge is geared towards a sophisticated crowd with timeless, elegant cocktails that perfectly balance classic flavours with new twists, from apples and celery in gin to spirits imbued with fruit oils. With a winter opening, Christmas shoppers and party goers will be able to enjoy Lloyd’s Lounge at its finest, from mulled wine and seasonal cocktails to delicious fresh food and charming atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you there!