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Modern Dining Room Ideas

The best dining rooms tend to serve as adaptable spaces that can cater for dinner parties and special occasions, as well as relaxed family meals. We’ve all seen homes with dust-ridden dining rooms that are neglected for 364 days of the year until they finally get their shining moment on Christmas Day. At idesign, we believe in practical spaces that suit your lifestyle. We’re here to offer some modern dining room ideas that are stylish, sophisticated and functional!


The main feature of a dining room is, of course, the dining table. The size and shape of your table can impact the whole room, so choose wisely and avoid swamping a small space with something oversized and bulky. We recommend that rectangular and elongated tables be used for larger rooms, while square and circular tables work better in small spaces. Play around with extendable leaves, so you can make room for extra guests on those special occasions. For more modern dining room ideas, think about current trends such as industrial hardwood materials or stylish glass.

Choosing a Theme

Have fun with contemporary furniture designs and colour schemes, and don’t be afraid of contrast! Our modern extension in Devon used geometric textiles and 20th century furniture in a 200 year-old cottage, and the results were fabulous. Alternatively, you can find timeless pieces that boast a classic feel as opposed to modern. Dining room ideas are constantly changing, and this year is all about antique-inspired textured furnishings. Velvet sofas are popular in living rooms, so why not add a touch of sophistication to your space by finding some plush velvet dining-room chairs?


Lighting is essential for achieving the mood you want. Lots of natural light in the daytime is vital, while candlelight in the evenings creates a relaxed ambience, perfect for entertaining and winding down. Contemporary dining rooms can feature an arc floor lamp over the table or a cluster of small pendants instead of the traditional single pendant option.


Comfort is key, so choosing the right dining-room chairs should be a top priority. Whether you’re going for a classic look with wooden materials, or experimenting with modern dining room ideas such as vintage metals, make sure your chairs have good support and an ergonomic design. While they work well for kids, stools and benches aren’t always a good option for an older household, so keep this in mind when picking out your furniture.


If you’ve got beautiful china to show off, make sure it’s on display. Glass cabinets are great for a modern interior, and can be paired with a stylish glass table to match. If you’re working with a smaller floor area, shelving units can be the perfect solution for maximising space.

Personal Touches

Remember that a dining room can be sophisticated and stylish, while also functioning as a family space. Picture frames and wall-hangings create a homely feel and prevent the room from looking bland. Last year saw lots of indoor plants and foliage being used in living spaces, and the same can be applied to dining rooms! Find a beautiful palm or succulent to bring your space to life and add a touch of fun. If you are feeling brave, add a wall of tropical wallpaper, too.

We hope this offers a good summary of modern dining room ideas for you to create your own fresh space! Take a look at some of our residential interiors for more inspiration on furniture and themes