Innovative Office Interior Design

Innovative Office Interior Design

At present working in an office environment has not been the norm for most people in 2020. With businesses now taking the tentative footsteps to return employees to an office on a part-time basis, or on rotations with other colleagues to keep us all socially distanced and safe. This has left office spaces as large empty voids where your nearest neighbour is over 2m away, and use of the social space is not social as you can’t meet anyone.

COVID Office Layout
Current Reception - Lobby

Lockdown has truly effected people’s mental wellbeing and has led to anxiety, loneliness and isolation. However, it has also given us chance to reconnect with our natural environment, reflect on our own humanity and pace of life. People are returning to the office environment with a completely different perspective to when they left six months ago.

We at idesign understand this and know that to create the correct office environment now is more important than ever. When designing an office layout we are considering current government guidelines but also designing for a future where we can return to work safety and implement certain procedures that need to remain in place.

Reimagined Office Layout
Reimagined Reception Lobby

iwell office promotes innovative office interior design within Exeter and the South West, which aim to create a wow factor to impress clients, give employee’s a space where they can take ownership and feel positive in their work environment, thereby improving their productivity and employee retention.  Our key aim is to create an environment which supports an employee’s mental wellbeing, where innovation and efficiency can flourish. 

At iwell office, we want to work with your business’ own mission to create a unique office design, whether well-established or a new start-up; all can benefit from an Interior Wellbeing Strategy Plan and one of our Office furniture packages.

Our core principles with wellbeing at the heart:

  • Offices which ‘feel’ open – that have a number of different areas for relaxation, group activity and individual work
  • Flexible layouts which allow for movement around the office
  • Different types of furniture to give users a choice of how they work
  • Good natural lighting which is the correct temperature and intensity for the task at hand
  • Consultation with external consultants to help establish the correct thermal and acoustic conditions for the office
  • Selection of innovative furniture already designed for installation, which help with acoustics and working activities. View Product selection
  • Use of materials which use limited pollutants and are sustainability sourced where required
  • A biophilic design approach with nature at the core
Innovative Office Interior Design
Office screens