Human-centred thinking. Tech centred doing


Client – Organic Agency

Location – Exeter

Status – Completed 2022

“Roxan and her team have been incredible from day 1. We spoke with a few designers locally and idesign stood out as a clear front runner. From then on in, Roxan and the team have been great at communicating with us, managing tweaks and changes to the designs, all the way through to actual fit out. We are so pleased with our new office space and couldn’t have asked for more from idesign. Thank you so much Roxan & team”

Ben Bushby, Head of People & Culture 



Organic are a digital marketing agency that use technology to help their clients build better connections with their audiences. Inspiring interaction is at the heart of all their projects and is an objective that is also present within their own company workforce. Hence the brief for this project was an office space that translated this ambition: to encourage collaboration; facilitate a range of different tasks; and inspire creativity.

The office is zoned into different spaces to accommodate a range of tasks. The courtyard has a warmer atmosphere to the ‘factory modern’ aesthetic in the main office. It features a highly sustainable, tactile flooring, rich wood textures and vibrant textiles. The hanging planting detail and pendant lighting enhance the comfortable tone of the space, creating an inviting quiet area to take meetings and discuss projects with colleagues.

The main office is a more animated area with a bar as the central hub to all the activity. It is a space to facilitate ad hoc working with the high-level seating; informal discussions; and welcoming clients. The quirky bar tap also makes it an ideal space for hosting company social events. The open-plan layout between the desks and breakout spaces encourage regular breaks to boost productivity and accommodate choice to work in various ways. The design language is carried through from the courtyard into the main office space. It combines wood textures and a neutral base palette infused with bright coloured upholstery synonymous with the company branding.

Carefully curating space to meet the needs of current and future workplace practices and patterns was very important in this brief. To add balance to the open-plan layout, the design also features a series of enclosed pods each with space for up to four people. Zoning the spaces in this way not only provides employees with more autonomy over their work, but also enabled a safer transition back to working in office post covid-19 pandemic.


The final outcome is an office reflective of Organic’s “Human-centred thinking. Tech centred doing” initiative. The design is supportive of a new age of hybrid working and empowers collaboration.