Homely sensual sea inspired project with care at the heart


Client – Sidmouth Hospice Care

Location – Sidmouth, South Devon

Status – Completion 2020

The feeling of this project is of the up most importance to idesign. Our brief was to create an inspiring homely feel which still maintained the clinical needs and care function of the centre. 

We drew our inspiration from Sidmouth itself using washed woods and a teal colour palette, to create the sensation of being at the sea. Textures and the holistic feel of the space infused by the soft fabrics, textured pebble accessories and fluid graphics are set to relax and instill a wellbeing in visitors. 

The centre also has a very practical element where all surfaces and flooring, need to be to a high clinical rating. For example in the assisted bathroom we are using wall panels which slot together to reduce the need for grouting and reduce the mould build up.  All our fabrics chosen conform to be able to be washable at high temperatures and are anti-microbial, they have a soft comforting feel, instead of a hard plastic feel. All materials and colours have been chosen with a 30 point LVR difference for visitors to be able to distinguish between surfaces.

Practicality and function of the spaces was also an important factor. The spaces need to be multi-purpose and flexible depending on activities in the areas. The procurement of different types of furniture and storage is key in this design.