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Bar Design Trends

Bars and pubs are undoubtedly a cornerstone of British culture, but while we have seen restaurants and cafes innovate and transform their interior design in the past few years, many bars have stayed stagnant until recently. People don’t just go to bars and pubs to eat and drink these days, they go for the experience, the aesthetic and the sociality of it, which is now pushing exciting transformations in bar design trends. Check out some of the biggest bar design trends of 2017:

Involve and entertain

Bar design is moving towards a bigger emphasis on involvement and community. One of the key ways they are doing this is by turning their venues into locations of entertainment, creating spaces for a wide range of gigs from live music to comedy to movie nights and more.

Watch your food

Food prep is becoming the key part of dining experiences now, with the kitchen being the focal point of the restaurant or pub. Giving customers the chance to watch their food and drink being prepared is part of what engages and entertains them, not to mention it provides a sense of authenticity to the establishment.

Twist the Industrial Chic

Industrial chic has been embraced to its fullest in the restaurant and bar business, but many places are twisting this bar design trend in interesting ways by pairing exposed industrial elements with high-quality interiors, such as exposed brick walls with lush velvet upholstery or an ornate dark wood countertop. Pairing industrial design with extravagant interiors is a nice way to pair feminine and masculine design as well, especially as many bars can be overtly masculine.

Go Back in Time

Of course, there are some bars and pubs that haven’t changed in years, but one design trend that grew in 2017 is having a heavy vintage focus while mixing the old and the new. Think etchings, maps, old books, odd memorabilia and decorations and even neon lights or vintage signs. This all creates a sense of escapism and an artful twist on the past.

At idesign, we pride ourselves in creating the best interiors for our clients, merging upcoming trends with personal tastes to design compelling spaces that are utterly unique. In particular, we have been embracing the rising popularity of the glossy/glamorous aesthetic, with minimal blue tones and luxurious marble. You’ll be able to see this elegant design influence and much more in our upcoming projects.