Office Furniture - for private phone calls / video conferencing

Product Features –

  • For the use for individual or pair private phone calls or video conferencing for short periods
  • Fully soundproofed with acoustic foamed exterior and interior walls / ceiling
  • Inbuilt power points with USB ports and recessed spot lights
  • Stool seating with loose coffee table
  • Glass front with entrance door to allow for complete separation from workspace but allows for a view out
  • Can be customised to a range of finishes

The Booth has been designed to act as a closed off space where private phone calls or video conferencing calls can be made, without the rest of the workplace hearing. Can also be used for private reflection or consultation with another person. The glazed front still allows for connection to the office space outside and natural daylight to enter. Fully soundproofed with acoustic foam to the walls and ceiling, the bright foam is functional and also a statement piece. Inbuilt power points with USB ports and recessed spot lights allow for office efficiency. Loose furniture that can be installed internally include upholstered stool and coffee table. 

Office design
office design

Customised Finishes -

Acoustic foam is fire rated to latest BS standards 

alt text here
Yellow Foam
alt text here
Red Foam
alt text here
Purple Foam
alt text here
Grey Foam
alt text here
Blue Foam

Hard finish to front face of booth. A selection of carpet tiles for the floor are available on request 

alt text here
alt text here
alt text here
Pewter Grey
alt text here
Granite Grey

Meet the Designer –

Roxan is the founding member of idesign and is the visionary behind iwell.  With 10 years experience within the industry she has used her joinery knowledge to create a range of innovative products that address certain issues within the office and education sector. On the back of idesign’s award wining office project – Vantage Point, Roxan has sort a cost-effective way to bring her bespoke designs to the open market with a range of customised options.