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Importance of Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of successful design; from natural light to beautiful modern fittings, a well-lit space can change the entire feel of a room. There are plenty of types of lighting in interior design, and we’re here to guide you through a few key examples!

Direction & Function

Are you creating a focal point or lighting a wider space? Are you looking for task-orientated light or drawing attention to your favourite artwork? Communal spaces like kitchens and living rooms often benefit from an all-encompassing light, while lamps or wall-lights are great for offices to illuminate desks and work areas. Alternatively, accent lighting can be installed to highlight furniture and ornaments. You can find hundreds of types of lighting in interior design magazines, so have fun with different varieties to achieve a unique look.


Bedrooms and living rooms should be peaceful and relaxing, and lighting plays a huge part in this. Dimmer switches are a great option because they allow for adjustable lighting and the ability to create different moods. We used layered lighting in Lloyd’s Lounge to take the bar from day to night, with back lit White Ama stone as a bar front and contemporary Moooi lights to add drama. Adding dimmers allows for a transition to romantic candlelight for the evening.


You can play with colour to complement your walls and furnishings, and always remember that each room’s colour scheme will look different depending on how you use different types of lighting. In interior design more generally, it’s crucial to think about the mood you’re trying to create. The same goes for choosing a bulb colour: we prefer the warmest tone LED bulbs except within office spaces to give a flattering, homely light.


The size of a space is crucial in deciding the types of lighting you want. In interior design, natural lighting always plays a vital role. If your space already has lots of large, south-facing windows, you may not need bright or high wattage bulbs. The residence in the south of France we completed last year benefitted from glass-fronted doors in the kitchen to reflect plenty of natural light. Combining this with low-hanging, contemporary lights above the work surfaces meant that the room was well illuminated and stylish.


For more inspiration, take a look at these unique lighting examples in our previous work and keep an eye out for some exciting, innovative lighting designs from our current Grand Designs project, soon to appear on our blog