School Desk - Hygienic solution to classroom desking

Product Features –

  • When using the tri-desk chairs are centered 1m apart from each other
  • Colour coded desk system to control contamination
  • Wipeable anti-microbial desk finish in a range of colours
  • Coloured pots to encourage correct hygiene practices (not sharing stationary, sanitising hands regularly etc)
  • Trapezial shape for flexibility 
  • Can be customised to a range of finishes

The tri-desk has been developed as a safe and hygienic solution to a school desk. The concept for the school desk is influenced by the need for children in a class to socially distance from one another. The desk also encourages good habits such as not sharing stationary and constantly sanitising hands with the designated pot system, to make the classroom as safe as possible. Small coloured barriers around the desk are also a reminder to students to stay within their own desk space. The trapezial shape, means desks can be arranged in groups of 2, 4 or 6, without students having to sit directly opposite each other, reducing the possibility of spreading germs. The flexibility that the tri-desk gives to classroom layouts is limitless, and the colour system means that regardless of the desk configuration, the student will stay with the coloured desk designated to them. a school

Customised Finishes -

Table top colours and leg finishes to select from

alt text here
alt text here
alt text here
Pewter Grey
alt text here
Granite Grey
alt text here

Colour coded element of the desk can be sprayed in any colour from the Dulux antibacterial paint selection. Samples given before manufacture.

Meet the Designer –

Roxan is the founding member of idesign and is the visionary behind iwell.  With 10 years experience within the industry she has used her joinery knowledge to create a range of innovative products that address certain issues within the office and education sector. Whilst in the middle of lockdown the Tri-desk popped into her head when on a family walk. Targeted at Primary School age children she had her daughter in mind when designing the creative colour scheme.