Wellbeing covers both the physical and mental state of users within a space. We offer an Interior Wellbeing Strategy for your office or education environment. We cover the following points:

Interior wellbeing strategy


Is there an internal natural element within the space through live plants and natural materials

Sustainability – products used within the space are they environmentally friendly

Does the office have windows looking outside to natural environment


Does users of the space have the ability to choose where and how they work?

Is there places to relax, individual areas, group discussion areas and social spaces?

Does the internal space allow activity to stimulate the mind?


Is there a selection of furniture which promotes sitting and standing?

Is the furniture ergonomic?

A layout which promotes movement

interior wellbeing strategy
interior wellbeing strategy
interior wellbeing strategy


Good clean ventilation is key to reduce level of pollutants in the air and make it a safer clean environment to be in.

Can the temperature be easily regulated to fit many users needs

Access to natural air as well as ventilated  

Solar screen blinds to minimize sun glare but still filter light into the space


Is there natural day light into the space

Different types of light for different areas; eg bright light for working areas and atmospheric light for relaxing

Is the lighting the correct temperature and intensity of light needed to do the intended task?

Human Centric Lighting scheme


Use of hard and soft materials within the space

Avoiding unpleasant echoes by creating silent areas where needed.   

Acoustic baffling to ceiling or walls

Use of fabric which has micro-antibacterial properties