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Beautifully designed office – check

Social and interactive space – check

But what about technology? Should this really be an afterthought once the design is complete? Absolutely not! In this blog we look into the various ways we as designers can help create innovative and technological spaces that work for you.

Hot desking is being adopted by businesses from various sectors – from small recruitment agencies to large law firms. This style of working is said to increase levels of communication and improve professional relationships – you can read more about this style of working in my blog; Is a workplace a social space?

With hot desking, comes the ‘clear desk’ policy – this personally fills me with dread as I love to have pictures, moodboards and fabric samples surrounding me. Clear desks are however important to businesses looking to provide the ultimate flexibility to their staff. Docking stations for laptops to connect straight to a network with minimal fuss and accessible charging points for mobile phones, tablets and electrical devices are just the start.

The amphitheatre here at the Hive (one of our recent projects) offers the latest in digital technology, with a large touch screen for presentations, pitches and training sessions with comfortable circular seating promotes engagement and ease of access to the information available. This area is an alternative to the stuffy training suites and boardrooms we’ve become accustomed to during our careers.

With many businesses promoting remote working as a way to offer flexibility and to free up space, access to video calls such as Skype and Facetime to stay in touch is a must. We’ve created dedicated zones and pods which help reduce and eliminate external noise and interruption. Virtual meetings not only save time, they help reduce our carbon footprint and in turn save money on travel expenses. Employees can keep in touch with each other wherever they are in the world.

The trusty white board and nostalgic black boards still have an important part to play in the workplace, so don’t discount them just yet. They provide an excellent space for a quick exchange of ideas; here you can see that we’ve used them within our hexagonal pods and we think they look pretty great.


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